• Igor - Lead Developer
    • Artem - PM & Web Admin
    • Taras - Senior Developer
    • Vladimir - Senior Developer
    • Dmitry - Designer
    • Igor - Web Developer
    • Fazila - Customer Support
    • Staci - Admin & Accounts

    We are a small team
    based in London
    and Eastern Europe.
    We are looking for talented
    graduate big data developers
    who would like to work in a
    dynamic, challenging
    and friendly work culture.
    We also from time-to-time
    offer internships to
    well-matched candidates.

    we're hiring
  • Nick Tsinonis

    Nick is an IT innovator and entrepreneur who is passionate about the online business world. He holds a postgraduate degree in Computing and Commerce from University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa).

    His IT professional career has spanned 20 years in various roles as programmer, product manager and CTO of on-line gaming sites and internet businesses.

    He co-founded RecSys together with Gavin Potter after looking for a better way to improve the algorithm on yesnomayB.com - the popular online dating site launched in 2006.

  • Gavin Potter

    Gavin is a mathematical psychologist who specialises in combining psychological theories together with the analysis of large datasets in order to extract new insights into people's preferences and desires. He graduated from Oxford with an Experimental Psychology degree and has spent over 20 years developing models to better understand human behaviour. He lectures widely on the subject and is a pioneer in the field of behavioural economics.

    Prior to founding RecSys, Gavin was an Executive within IBM where he was responsible for the Centre for Business Analytics, a group charged with taking new mathematical ideas from the research labs and implementing them within IBM's clients. Ideas that were introduced included a novel method of fraud detection with particular relevance to medical insurance fraud both in the USA and within Europe and new methods of predicting customer's preferences for different products.