• Consulting

    With over 30 years of consulting experience, RecSys is in an ideal position to offer consulting assistance to maximise the benefits that can be achieved from a recommendation and personalisation system. As well as providing technology, we have worked with numerous clients to help integrate recommendations and personalisation into their technology, work processes and marketing strategies.

    We recognize that there is no such thing as an off the shelf recommendation system.
    All our systems enable the introduction of "business rules" designed to specifically work with your particular site and needs as a business. We provide consulting support in identifying the most appropriate business rules that work with your particular needs and guidance on how to monitor the effects of the system on your business.

    Finally, if you have a very specific requirement we would be delighted to talk to you. New uses for recommendation and personalisation technologies are coming to light every day, and we are happy to work with clients who have a very specific need that is not directly addressed by the current offerings on the market.

    If you have such a problem we would be delighted to talk to you and to identify how we could best work with you to bring to realise your opportunity.